Fuki Funakoshi
Born in Saitama, Japan. I spent my childhood in Singapore. After graduating from Dokkyo University ( with a B.A. in German Language), I trained drawing skills and studied fashion at Setsu Mode Seminar (Tokyo). I trained also graphic design skills at Vantan design institute.
Later I worked at an IT company and advertising company. Experienced job for graphic designer and design director about 4 years.(2000-2004). After that I’ve start working as a self employed illustrator and graphic designer.
In 2016 I moved my base to Boulder Colorado USA. 
My main clients include companies in the field of publishing, international society. Additionally I am supporting some companies to start-up business with branding.
I love dancing and traveling the world both of which inspire my art.
・Exhibition; "MILETOS" Space Lab Yellow.
・Magazine Illustrations; "Tokyo Isshukan", "WITH", ","What's IN?","Working Woman Type"
・Exhibition; -DESIGN-FESTA vol.11 -- "Funky Business"
・Illustration for film; Tal'i-tha cu'mi" -8 Girls With Gold Fish - film
・Solo exhibition and a group exhibition; "Cafe Bar Zazou" (Yebisu)
・Illustration; Embroidery Design.(Totsuka embroidery association)
・Illustration; costume design,samba group "G.R.E.S ALEGRIA".
・Illustration; CD jacket Asakusa samba carnival (AESA) album.(2003,2004,2005,2007)
・Mural painting Illustraiton; salsa & brazilian dance school "AOchan studio"
・Solo exhibition; "Tropicalismo" at AOchan studio.
・Book Illustration; "Japanese/World rock & pop history"(Jikei education science center).
・Director; web design,publisshing design etc Intermedia Graphics Inc.
・ADs Illustration; "PokeBras-Bravo Latin Melody-"
・Web Illustration; "Brasil Blog".
・Exhibition; "2006 Cre8 TOKYO11" at NYCoo Gallery.( New York City /USA)
・Illustration; CD jacket, Brazilian music,"SONORA".(B.SUN RECORDS/VictorEntertainment)
・Book Illustration;  "Illustrated Conversation Book BRASIL".
・Game(Nintendo Wii) character design;  NicoLabo Inc.
・Wine label design; Simphonie Inc.
・Web Illustration; Brazilian Wax Salon "Morena"
・Editorial and illustration; CD Album jacket "LANÇA PERFUME "(Maria Mole)
・Visual designer; wine importing company "l'avenir”.
・LOGO design and illustrations; “LOGO ICHI “ Promotion Plus Inc.
・Illustration and Logo design; Cuban restaurant “Cafe La Vida” Blue Globe Inc.
・Manufacturing original products "Bombsheller"
・Solo exhibition; "typography AtoZ" at Atelier KASHIWA Tokyo.
・Solo exhibition; "typography AtoZ" at OZOCOFEE Boulder Colorado .
・Solo exhibition;"typography AtoZ" at Cafe Aion Boulder Colorado.
・Exhibition in the booth; "Denver Berkeley Park Art and Music Festival 2019"
My Clients;
Kodansha Ltd, Sony Magazines Inc., Totsuka embroidery association, G.R.E.S ALEGRIA, Career design center Inc., Jikei education science center, IPC World Inc., B.SUN RECORDS, VictorEntertainment, JTB Publishing, Inc., NicoLabo Inc., Simphonie Inc., Morena, Maria Mole, L'avenir Co., Ltd., Blue Globe Inc., Bombsheller, Interect, Studio G-BOX, Highview Wealth and more.
My design and illustrations are often published in fashion magazines, town magazines, music magazines, advertisement, CD covers, and web page. I did also a mural painting for a dance studio in Tokyo. I have done numerous personal or group exhibitions in different locations in Tokyo.
My illustrations give the audience a tropical, musical, stylish, and global feeling with an ambience of a holiday resort, spiced with a latin mood. Most of them are with dynamic designs and beautiful colors and yet the finished work gives a soothing and relaxig mood.
Art Works before 2016 (Japanese)  2016年以前の作品(日本語)
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