Fuki Funakoshi
Born in Saitama-city, Japan, I spent my childhood in Singapore before returning to Japan.After graduating from Dokkyo University (with a B.A. in German language), I trained for illustrations at Setsu Mode Seminar, (drawing and fashion school in Tokyo.) Later I  worked at an IT company, advertising company and improved my skill as a graphic designer and design director. Now I work as a freelance illustrator, designer. My main clients include companies in the field of public relations and publishing. I also help company to start-up business, with branding.On 2016 I moved my base to Boulder Colorado USA.
I love dancing and traveling the world both of which inspire my art.
・Magazine Illustration; "WITH" (Kodansha).
・Exhibition; "MILETOS" Space Lab Yellow.
・Magazine Illustration; "Tokyo Isshukan" (Kodansha).
・Exhibition; -DESIGN-FESTA vol.11 -- "Funky Business"
・ADs Illustration;  (docomo) 
・Illustration; Tal'i-tha cu'mi" -8 Girls With Gold Fish - film
・Solo exhibition and a group exhibition; "Cafe Bar Zazou" (Yebisu)
・Magazine Illustration; "What's IN?" (Sony Magazines Inc.).
・Illustration; Embroidery Design.(Totsuka embroidery association)
・Illustration; costume design,samba group "G.R.E.S ALEGRIA".
・Magazine Illustration;"Working Woman Type"(career design center Inc.).
・Illustration; CD jacket Asakusa samba carnival (AESA) album.(2003,2004,2005,2007)
・Mural painting Illustraiton; salsa & brazilian dance school "AOchan studio"
・Solo exhibition; "Tropicalismo" at AOchan studio.
・Book Illustration; "Japanese/World rock & pop history"(Jikei education science center).
・Director; web design,publisshing design etc Intermedia Graphics Inc.
・ADs Illustration; "PokeBras-Bravo Latin Melody-"(Digital bridge communication Inc.) 
・Web Illustration; "Brasil Blog".
・Exhibition; "2006 Cre8 TOKYO11" at NYCoo Gallery.( New York City /USA)
・Illustration; CD jacket, Brazilian music,"SONORA".(B.SUN RECORDS/VictorEntertainment)
・Book Illustration;  "Illustrated Conversation Book BRASIL".
・Game(Nintendo Wii) character design;  NicoLabo Inc.
・Wine label design; Simphonie Inc.
・Web Illustration; Brazilian Wax Salon "Morena"
・Editorial and illustration; CD Album jacket "LANÇA PERFUME "(Maria Mole)
・Visual designer; wine importing company "l'avenir”.
・LOGO design and illustrations; “LOGO ICHI “ Promotion Plus Inc.
・Illustration and Logo design; Cuban restaurant “Cafe La Vida” Blue Globe Inc.
・Manufacturing original products "Bombsheller"
・Solo exhibition; "AtoZ" at Atelier KASHIWA Toyo.
My design and illustrations are often published in fashion magazines, town magazines, music magazines, advertisement, CD covers, and web page. I did also a mural painting for a dance studio in Tokyo. I have done numerous personal or group exhibitions in different locations in Tokyo.
My illustrations give the audience a tropical, musical, stylish, and global feeling with an ambience of a holiday resort, spiced with a latin mood. Most of them are with dynamic designs and beautiful colors and yet the finished work gives a soothing and relaxig mood.
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