Costume design for "Samba Carnival in TOKYO ASAKUSA 2014" the team G.R.E.S ALEGRIA
Costume design for "Samba Carnival in TOKYO ASAKUSA 2014" the team G.R.E.S ALEGRIA
The therme is "Samba in OSAKA"
One of the most crazy episode from Osaka is “Diving Celebration” at Doutonbori.
Plenty of baseball fans celebrate their local team’s (HANSHIN TIGERS) winning in annual Japan Professional Baseball league.
Hundred of people start diving after the game. 
Osaka is OWARAI (Comedy show) town.
The most populer OWARAI is played in NANBA GROUND KAGETSU in Osaka.
Each comedian has their own speciality and act a story together.
Telling a lot about typical Osaka people’s charactor as reality and funny. 
They bring mood hard to stop bursting into laughing.
On the samba, this is the beginning of the whole parade(story)…
Around 5000 people join the samba parade in Tokyo Asakusa.
This is annual one of the biggest festival in Asakusa.
Each samba school has around 100-300 people.
16 teams have a competition,winner get the prize and honor. Also more business chances.
They create own music. Each song has a story, dancers are acting the story. (This lyric is Portuguese.)
This team G.R.E.S Alegria is telling about Brazilian girl’s experience in Osaka city.
Each Bikini lady infromt of the cloud are acting as Brazilian girl surprising many crazy things about Osaka.
This school was a rank forth, also got a JURY'S SPECIAL AWARD on this year 2014.
More about the samba school :
Asakusa Samba Carnival :
Original T shirts (Escola shirts)
Gourmet in Osaka.
Popular things are OKONOMIYAKI and KUSHIAGE.
People said like Japanese Pizza and fritter with Yakisoba saurce.
Brazilian girl is enjoying eating them on the parade.
Don't forget....! is TAKOYAKI.
The most cute snack from Osaka. Takoyaki is round pastly with Octopus mixed with flour, eggs, ginger.
Small but enought to be full if you buy 1 pack.
Some other Osaka people and statue.
left: YAKUZA (gangsta)
mid: Art monument from TARO OKAMOTO "Sun tower"
right: Beggers
Baseball fields and players from each team.
TSUTENKAKU is like TokyoTower in Osaka.
Silver tower in the mid of town.
These dancers called "Mestre Sala and Porta Bandeira" most important dancers of the team.
Evening lightup in Osaka.
Winning bargain sale. They do bargain sale when their sponcer team get champion of the year.
Congrats Champion!! (HANSHIN TIGERS - G.R.E.S ALEGRIA )
Yes we did spectacular!! Perfect!!! How come they can't stop laughing!?!?!?! Juries!!??

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